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My favourite energy drink now

Title says it all. There needs to be a subscription for it, because I've bought 8 cases already, and I'm pretty sure I'm going through it all with two weeks. Red Bull was my favourite (I still enjoy it), but Ninja Melk is now my favourite.

Dominick Chen

Lifetime fan

...so very aptly named and really unique. I appreciate the work that’s gone into making Ninja Melk!

Athena, United Kingdom

Unique and very tasteful

...definitely belongs amongst one of my favourite energy drinks (not exaggerated).

Stijn Scholten, The Netherlands

This drink is mad scrumptious.

First and foremost, Ryan's description of the taste is pretty on point. For anyone who hasn't tasted Yakult or similar yogurts, imagine a carbonated fruit drink with a creamy texture. It's delicious. Truly love at first sip. 

Jesus A

Now that’s the Stuff

My favorite drink.



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